Friday, April 28, 2017

Random Facts #1

Hey Guys,
Today I felt like doing some thing new so I found a few, what I think are, random facts. Let's get started with number 1.
1. Did you know that billy goats urinate on themselves to get attention from female goats? Apparently the goats start doing this so they can find a mate so they can reproduce, but people take this ability away with smell repellent.
2. If you were to fart for 6 years and 9 months (consistently) you would have enough gas to fill an atomic bomb. 
3. The sentence, "Do Geese See God?" spelled backward is still, "Do Geese See God?". Who has enough time to figure that out in the first place?
4. Birds never urinate because their excess liquids come out in their poop, which is why it drips everywhere. That's just disgusting!
5. Did you know that the bible is the most shoplifted book in the world? That's just wrong.

That's all the facts for today! Don't forget to leave your crazy facts in the comments bellow! Bye!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Minecraft VS Terraria

Both Minecraft and Terraria have a special place in my heart but the question is which is better. Both of them have lag so running capabilities are out of the question, so lets start withe the basics. Minecraft is a 3D adventure game where there is no goal but to build, explore, and battle the mobs around your Minecraft world and you might even fight the grand boss, the Ender Dragon, but what do you do once you finish the game. The solution would be to go and play online but what if you can't or your computer is to slow. That would pretty much end your Minecraft experience forever. Terraria is a 2D game that has over 30 bosses and over 3600 items to collect, but it has no online play unless its with nearby friends. Both games theoretically have infinite gameplay but its all about how long you can play a game without getting bored. Both games can be modded but Minecraft is easier while Terraria practically everything. For these reasons I am going to have to lean toward Terraria because the 3D doesn't really make a difference for my gameplay because if the only items that are new that I can get are through mods then no thank you. With that I would love to hear your opinion on the subject in the comments below.
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