Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Kings Quest

Hey Guys,
      Recently I got a new video game for the X-box One called Kings Quest. It is an adventure game where you explore the Kingdom of Daventry and do quests to help Daventry get on its feet again. There are puzzles and battles for you to enjoy to demolish the evil in Daventry. This game is remastered from the original version and it can be fun to play with family. This game is even rated E for everyone which make it a fun game even for younger ages. I have only finished A Knight to Remember which is the first story in the series. This game is usually about $39.99 for the complete collection of games and if you're are a family gamer this is a game I would suggest. Tell me in the comments what you think of King's Quest.

Image result for king's quest cover
Image of King's Quest A Knight to Remember

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